Alarm handling

As well known in many alarm monitoring stations, alarm handling is the most vital part of the monitoring business. To react to true alarms within a matter of seconds is what makes monitoring services trustworthy.

With this in mind we have implemented into A-traq over a dozen new patented technologies to win the extra seconds in alarm handling. The following are just a few...

There are two windows in handling alarms. The first is just the alarms window. This window only pops up the required signals received. And guess what? These signals are grouped automatically with a touch of Artificial Intelligence so the event is evaluated as a whole. For example: if more than two alarm zones are triggered and a sistem shutdown is followed the whole event is evaluated as one and reporting is accomplished by inputting one text that will apply to all.

While reporting events the operator spends less time in entering information from the keyboard due to user predefined statements that are automatically inputted with the single right click of the mouse. For example: by right clicking on the report message area you can choose to input "Alarm accidentaly triggered by user".

This is a sample window of the events and alarms. The two windows look similiar but act differently. Alarms handled by other operators will be stricked through for easy reference. Another words, the operators will be able to see which operator is dealing with which alarm. Double clicking on any alarm will automatically pop-up the alarm handling window.

Once an operator clicks on an event, he/she will confront a window that contains almost all relevant information that is required in handling the alarm.

The operator may view the customer details, information on the signal received, information on the alarm panel and protocol, zone and user details, open/close tables, special notes and plans/projects (or blue prints) of the site.

Once the operator verifies that the alarm is not a phantom, then he/she may phone the end users by simply clicking on the dial button. As soon as the operator clicks on the dial icon, the report section will start to be filled out with automatically generated statements such as "...Mr George Brown (0555 555 55 55) has been call...". Once Mr brown does open the phone the operator may note the outcome into the report field by using the keyboard or use the right click feature to add predefined statements. So a detailed report can be prepared within seconds.Once all is completed the operator just clicks on save and your done.

There are many neat tools that help the operator and save those extra seconds in responding to vital alarms. For example, if you phone a premises to verify that they have not closed their store at the time they should, you most probably will encounter the following statement "...sorry! We're still here for another 2 hours...". Normally it would be impossible to follow this type of situation with regular software. With A-traq you just have to click on "...extend late close for today by 2 hours..." and thats it. If the store is again not closed 2 hours later the operators will be prompted again.

This and many other features await you with A-traq Intelligent Alarm Monitoring Solutions.

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