This module may be used for elite customers who want to be automatically notified real time of events happening on there premises. The structure of the system is very straight forward and the module itself is a plug-and-play configuration.

You may use any of the famous GSM modems to function with the module. The module itself can be registered to any GSM operator located in your country. Each message is sent seperately and charged 1 SMS message of the normal GSM network price.

The GSM/GPRS SMS module is either connected directly to the server where the A-traq Communicator is installed for the A-traq Lite edition or the A-traq Pointer server for the A-traq Enterprize edition. There is another alternative and that is to connected the module directly to the LAN. This way the module will not consume vital ports.

The module can be also used as a trouble device. If a serious fault occurs with say for example an alarm panel, the technician can receive a message on his/her GSM phone and be directed to the address in real time. It can also be used as an administrative tool to inform the system administrator if there are problems with the monitoring station.

How about this example: if a robbery occurs on a site belonging to a customer, the user can see a short video of the premises and the event taken by a CCTV system and sent to the monitoring station. Too good to be true? No! with the use of MMS, pictures or short videos can be sent through the GSM/GPRS SMS module easy as ABC...

This and many other features await you with A-traq Intelligent Alarm Monitoring Solutions.

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