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The Intelligent Alarm Monitoring Software Solution

Now you can open a new era in professional alarm monitoring services. A-traq is by far the most fast adapting monitoring software automation in the business. It is the first software automation to be developed in line with the requests of end users and not according to receiver or panel manufacturers.

You will confront many new cost preventing applications with the help of A-traq modular expansion kits. This way you may customize your software in reliance to your budget. Actually you will feel the reduce in cost of your monitoring station from day one. Below you will find just some of our success stories:

"...we were sending activity reports to our clients by post which costed almost 1.00$ per letter in total. After we switched to A-traq we could send reports by e-mail, by fax or even ask customers to log onto our web site to view their details. A-traq saved us over 20,000$ per month from that day forth..."

"...with the help of A-traq we were able to cut our operator task force from 42 to only 4 which meant direct savings on our behalf..."

"...after switching to A-traq we noticed that we had only been doing the hard part of monitoring. Now we have tripled our income thanks to the effective tools supplied by A-traq..."

There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of A-traq monitoring solutions. For example you may want to check a simulation of an automated outgoing call of a simple alarm by clicking on the link below. The same example may be used for less vital alarms (for example late closing or early opening). This way you will be able to cut upto 80-90% of alarms received and dealt with, meaning a reduction in the number of operators, more alert alarm evaluating operators increasing service quality towards end users and most importantly a dramatic reduce in cost of your service.

.:Click here for a demonstration of the concept:.

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