Site/Customer Management

A-traq comes in two different versions:

1- A-traq™ Lite®: for supporting small to medium sized monitoring stations. Certified to handle upto 30.000 subscribers.

2- Atraq™ Enterprize®: for large monitoring stations. Can handle upto 3.000.000 subscribers.

Instead of re-inputting protocol tables for every individual subscriber, a global table for subscribers can be set at the click of a pull down menu. This way if any changes occur to the protocol table the effect takes place on all subscribers.

Open/close reporting can be set in two different ways:

Either the normal open/close choice, where 4 different options are valid(Open Early, Open Late, Close Early, Close Late... with programmable tolerances), or special case open close reports can be issued. The special open/close reporting can be used for e-mailing, faxing or sending SMS messages of specific events.

For example if the owner of a chain store wants to be warned of late openings of his stores, he can be warned by SMS. The message can include the store name, the stores phone number, the user opening the store and/or even the time the store was opened.

An unlimited amount of sites can be added to customers. A site is where the system is installed. Whereas a customer is the user who pays for the service. The reporting address can be different. For example: you could own a depot fitted with a security system. As the depot holds your personnal belongings, you requested the service from home. You are billed and invoiced to your home address. But you want your monthly open/close reports to be sent by post to your office address. Although this seems impossible with many modern day monitoring services, it is now possible with A-traq Monitoring solutions. So your monitoring station is no longer system/receiver orientated but more customer orientated.

Another example is especially used for commercial applications. You bill, invoice and report activities to the headquarters of a chain store rather than to the distributed may also send daily open/close activities to the headquarters of a nationwide chain store. Below you will find just some of the screen shots of adding and editing sites and customers.

General information on the site can be edited in the shown tab. Other information such as users, zones, telephones/other contact information in alarm types, open/close details of the site, notes and plan blueprints of the site can be modified in just a couple of minutes with the help of special shortcuts and right mouse clicks.

Any signal received within the test period of a site is also counted as a test signal thus resetting the timer for that particular site.

If a group of signals are received from a site (for example a new signal followed by out dated ones), the event is evaluated as a whole and the operator can either report one signal for all or individual reports can be written for each event.

Able to install most commonly recognized plans and projects of premises' to help security forces to recognize the premises before any action is taken. Thus increasing the safety of the security forces involved in the event.

Although each user can be defined with a different fax and e-mail, experience shows that the customer must have a separate fax and e-mail for company wide reporting.

As every market has their own marketing strategy, the agreement types can be chosen from the user predifined packages.

Types are used for reporting or service packages. Such as: 1 postal report at the end of the month, a fax on the 15th and e-mail of troubles every day. This could be a "Sales" agreement type . So only customers that buy systems can use such a package.
Customers that rent systems can only receive reports by e-mail... These are just some of the example services you can create!!

This and many other features await you with A-traq Intelligent Alarm Monitoring Solutions.

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