Structural information

A-traq has been designed very flexibly to grow with your monitoring station. Although the two different packages (A-traq Lite and A-traq Enterprize) are also different in structure, the database can be prepared once the hardware is ready within a matter of minutes.

First lets explain about our A-traq Lite solution. All data is stored on a seperate server with MS SQL Desktop Edition. So you don't have to go out and buy a SQL lisence. The receivers are also connected to this server. By expanding your ports you can expand your number of receivers connected. By using Com expansion boards you can add as much as 8 receivers onto one server. Once all connections are ready the straight forward installation guide will help you in installing both the SQL database and the A-traq Communicator of which will be receiving the signals from the receivers and transforming them into valuable data.

The terminals are installed with A-traq Terminal software and connected to a LAN (local area network) of which the SQL server is located on.

And thats it! Just let the station roll... You can now connect up to 30,000 sites to this configuration without loosing any speed in the process. To give you an idea of the services you will be giving as you grow with the lite version of A-traq, we have included some infrastructures below.

If you are just starting the monitoring business we recommend that the following configuration be applied. Two high power Pc's, one used as a main PC with A-traq Lite Communicator, MS SQL Desktop edition and the A-traq Lite Terminal, the other with just one A-traq Lite Terminal. this configuration should be able to supply you all that you need up to 500 sites without any problem.

In the situation between 500-4000 sites the following configuration is recommended. One dedicated database server with MS SQL Desktop Edition and the A-traq Lite Communicator. It is recommended that the server be installed with a minimum of 4 hard disks with Raid5. There should be at least three terminals with the A-traq Lite Terminal software installed.

In the upper Lite structure (from 4000 to 30000 sites) you will need a more distributed system. In this example there are 4 servers. The first one is the databse server which handles just the database and has the SQL database installed. The second one is the domain controller or DNS (Domain Name Server) to control the activities of the complex topology. The mail server may be loaded onto the DNS Server.

The third server is the WEB Server that hosts the WEB modules and controls the activites between the hyper world and the LAN (Local Area Network). The forth server is the firewall. The A-traq Lite Communicator is loaded onto the SQL Server and can handle upto 8 receivers. This way you can service 234 sites per line which is well below any manufacturers limit. The A-traq Web Modules (Users, Technicians and Managment) are all loaded into the Web Server. The terminals have the A-traq Lite Terminals installed. This configuration will be able to give the same performans as the first example with the 500 sites.

Now let us move on to the bigger systems... The Enterprize. The Enterprize has been tested and certified to function with the same performans as the 500 site system with a maximum of 3,000,000 sites. Although there is no monitoring station on the planet that has this many sites, A-traq is the only software that has tested the number. To view the 3,000,000 site configuration please click on the link below:

.: Click here for the topology of the 3,000,000 site solution :.

This and many other features await you with A-traq Intelligent Alarm Monitoring Solutions.

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