Switchboard connectivity

A-traq has been developed to be used with many of the internationally well known commercial Switchboards.

The A-traq Lite and the A-traq Enterprize can be connected to switchboards for fast, reliable and best of all flexible operations. Below you will find just a few of the handy applications that will put your service one foot ahead:

1- The switchboard can be used to automatically "dump" certain outgoing messages without occupying the operator. For example: The user can be informed automatically with an outgoing message that they have not armed the system of their site. Or information such as the battery of Zoned wireless PIR is getting weak. All types of predefines messages can be informed to the user by this method thus eliminating the need for extra workforce in informing users and reducing the number of operators.

2- The switchboard can be used as a customer related management (or CRM) tool for incoming calls. For example: "Please dial your customer number, site code and your PIN number". The call center representative, viewing the site details, just say "Good afternoon Mr Brown, how can I be of assistance?". By using the Caller ID function of the switchboard if the person dialling is calling say from a mobile phone, then the customer number, site code and PIN number is not required. The switchboard looks through the database and finds the telephone number corresponding with the site.

The switchboard can be connected to the LAN of the A-traq Lite system or the A-traq Pointer for the A-traq Enterprize system. Below you will find a rough drawing of the connection to the special switchboard.

Below is another example that simulates the use of switchboards which lightens or lives.

.: Click here for a demonstration of the usages of the switchboard :.

This and many other features await you with A-traq Intelligent Alarm Monitoring Solutions.

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