Web Tools

The web tools that can be used with A-traq are seperated into three. The first module is for administrative purposes so you can look over your monitoring station while your on vacation. Most administrative statistics and reports are supplied through the Management Web module. Actually the only thing you cannot do with this tool is work as an operator and handle alarms in real time.

The second module is for end users that may wish to view, modify or add new data for their site. The security level is actually quite unique as the customer code and passwords are given by the monitoring station in sealed envelops. So the operator too does not know remote access codes to site data.

The third module is for technicians. Operators do not need to enter or modify site details anymore. The technician can now input details through the internet via a remote pc or palm. Once the technician enters the dedicated web-site, he/she will be able to input the complete set of information, use vacant account numbers and save all details. The technician module is one of the biggest success stories of the alarm monitoring business until date. This module alone has saved monitoring station administrations millions of dollars until now.

All inputs and outputs throught the Web module are logged for reference. So you know who has done what to protect the rights of your monitoring station.

The monitoring station that plans to use the Web tool must host the Web Module internally. This module cannot function through Internet Service Providers (or ISP's). Therefore professional help must be used for attaining static IP's. The Web tool is not dependent of the operating system used on the web server.

There are other fuctions that can be used with the web tool. For example: if a remote monitoring station is to be used for just viewing events from a particular group of sites like housing estates, another terminal can be hooked up to the site for viewing all events from the houses in that region. This way if an alarm is triggered the security guard can react earlier than a call being made to the premisis.

This is a sample screen shot from the main entrance.

All colors and text are dynamically adjusted from the installation tool. As each company or country has their own legal rights the "Legal Notice" link is the only code that must be written by your company. It may be a simple HTML page. Notice that no pictures are used to speed up operations.

Upon entering, you will confront another page with all of the information in relation to your site. Most can be modified, some fields can be added and/or deleted and some fields are just for viewing. There are many items that not even a user can change. For example we wouldn't want them to view the notes we have on the users!

Ever had a call from a user that can't remember if he/she has armed a system? With the help of the Web user module you can now sit back and let them see for themselves through the internet or a mobile cell phone.

Please click on one of the following links for a demonstration (requires Flash Player):

.: The Web User Module :.

.: The Web Technician Module :.

This and many other features await you with A-traq Intelligent Alarm Monitoring Solutions.

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