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The Most Advanced Intelligent Alarm Monitoring Automation Software... ever


What is it we do?

ATraq is an automation software specifically for the security systems industry. The high capacity of ATraq enables you to manage millions of subscribers with ease. Developed in 2002, ATraq has gone through significant changes since day 1 as the industry has developed accordingly. 
Our biggest difference is that ever since day 1, we have worked to create Alarm Call Centres. This requires in incredible knowledge of call centres and understanding each and every process of the security systems industry. 
With strategic connections with the worlds biggest database providers, biggest and best switchboard providers, most widely used industrial receivers manufacturers and hundreds more partners around the globe, you can be sure that we can handle all of your alarm monitoring needs from one location.

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ATraq is an automation software package that grows along with you. You do not have to buy everything at the beginning. you can always purchase individual modules as you grow. The following headlines gives an idea on the modules that ATraq provides.

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Alarm Monitoring Modules

ATraq is able to handle all of your monitoring needs. From switchboard integration to intervention, from web based solutions to mobile solutions, ATraq has something that suites you. Even if you are just a newbie, ATraq with its modular design, allows you to grow with your industries requirements at your pace. 

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The Know-how

With over 5700 downloads, and hundreds of installations in 54 countries worldwide, we have the know-how of setting up the perfect Alarm Monitoring Centre. With indepth knowledge of almost all of the local monitoring regulations around the world, we are sure to provide you with all of your monitoring. Get in touch today of setting up or developing your facility today.

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The future

With over 5 years of R&D, ATraq will soon be transitioning to the cloud. This will allow Alarm Monitoring to be boundless and much easier to manage. This is especially great for multinational companies that wish to view the performance of all of their monitoring centres remotely and online.

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Interested in placing an order or learning more? Simply reach out today.

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